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SEN Offer

Many children experience difficulties in learning at some time in their education. If they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children the same age, or they have a disability which hinders them in making use of educational facilities provided for their age group, they are considered to have Special, Additional or Educational Needs.

Their needs may be in the area of:

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, Mental and Emotional Health
  • Sensory and/or physical

It is nationally recognised that such difficulties may be experienced by up to 20 percent of children at some time in their school life. Some children may need help over a long period of time, whilst others may only need it temporarily.

Parents should not become unduly anxious, as we adapt our teaching to suit the needs of each child and will support them as far as we are able.

We hope the following information explains how we provide this support at Haig School. If you need any further information or have any concerns please contact

Mrs Henry (SENCO) on 05241 84 3840

Special Educational Needs Stages

We follow national guidance and provide a staggered approach when catering for children with difficulties which is classed by ‘waves’ of intervention. Children may move up and down the ‘waves’ according to their levels of need and/or progress with parents being fully aware and informed at all times. We hope you will find this brief explanation of each ‘wave’ helpful.

Wave 1

When there is a concern that a child is experiencing difficulties, the teacher works closely with the child in the classroom monitoring and reviewing progress. The teacher will provide high quality teaching and plan work specifically for the child’s group, taking their needs into consideration. This will lead to high quality learning.

Wave 2

If, in order to make progress, it is felt that a child needs provision which is different from or additional to the usual range of provision in wave 1, the child may move on to wave 2. Within wave 2 children will receive additional time-limited provision in the form of small group interventions to accelerate their progress in learning. If little or no progress is made over a period of time the school may seek the advice of outside specialists such as the Inclusion Development Support Teacher, the Health team, the Speech and Language Therapist, the Child and Mental Health team, Educational Psychologist and the Senior Education Social Worker.  Parents will always be informed and be part of any decisions. It is vitally important that the child, their parents, school, and the outside agencies work together in order to form a strong supportive network around the child.

       Wave 3

In a minority of cases, where a child continues to make minimal progress, or has specific additional needs, there is a need for additional specific time-limited provision which will involve focused teaching activities which tackle fundamental errors and misconceptions that are preventing progress. Prior to this, all agencies will meet together with you as in wave 2, to discuss the best possible way to meet the needs of your child.

Educational Heath Care Plan / Statement

If your child has an EHC or statement you must contact CEAS prior to coming to Germany as, due to our context, we must ensure that we have the resources available to support your child in working towards achieving their individual objectives and reaching their full potential. This will also involve consulting with additional agencies that support children within our school. (Please see contact information)

     How we can support your child (and you!)

  • Early identification – we believe this is extremely important and aim to assess individual needs quickly.
  • We follow a staged approach in line with national guidelines
  • Class teachers address individual difficulties as they arise, and the needs of many children will be catered for by appropriate grouping and planning and high quality teaching and learning.
  • When difficulties persist additional help may be given by the teacher, their Learning Support Assistant (LSA) or the Special Educational Needs LSA.
  • Expert advice from outside agencies can be sought where appropriate and with your consent.
  • We use materials and learning aids from a bank of special resources.
  • As part of quality first teaching we continuously set and review challenging targets for all children which enable them to make progress in their learning.
  • We have an open door policy to encourage parents to share their concerns or questions regarding their child’s learning
  • We all believe in positive praise and encouragement in order to maintain each child’s self-esteem which underpins their learning and understanding.

         How you can support your child

  • Stay in contact with school. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure your child makes the best possible progress
  • Attend all parents’ afternoons and other progress meetings when invited
  • By following tasks or practices advised by school
  • By encouraging your child at all times
  • By praising your child, however small his or her success may be and passing on the news of this achievement to school.
  • Advising school of any difficulties or concerns you have regarding your child’s learning.
  • Advising school of your next move as early as possible so that the Special Educational Needs Coordinator can work with you and your child to ensure a smooth transition

Contact Information for Additional Agencies

  • Child and Mental Health Services




  • Pupil and Families Service

         Building 28, Mansergh Barracks

Tel: 05241 842399


  • Speech and Language Therapist

             Mansergh Barracks, BFPO 113.

             Tel: 05241 843931


  • Medical Centre (direct contact for all medical inquiries)

Medical Centre, Mansergh Barracks

Tel: 05241 84


  • Children's Education Advisory Service / Parent Partnership Officer
    Trenchard Lines
    Upavon, Pewsey
    Wiltshire, SN9 6BE
    Tel: 0044 1980 618244