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Year 5

Ernest Shackleton Class

Welcome to year five. Our class is named after the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton. To decide our class name we all worked in pairs to make posters about different explorers. The poster made by Daniel and Jorel about Ernest Shackleton was the one we chose. He was an arctic explorer who got stuck on the ice.

In year five we really enjoy reading for pleasure and writing. Each week we have a ‘big write’ and the final edited version of the best writing is displayed on the wall with the writer’s picture. The best writer also wins a stretchy man or a sticky man toy. We have two special comfy seats in our class with the best view of the whiteboard. Each week the writer who has wowed Mr Coyne gets to choose a guest and they both sit in the best seats all week. They also get biscuits at break time! Everyone gets biscuits and juice on a Friday breaktime too as a reward for amazing learning.

Eddie & Jasmine

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